About Us

The Surrey House is a large historic home built in 1910. It has outlasted a century of tornadoes, fires and other natural disasters to become one of the most well known wedding facilities in North Dallas. The facility was completely remodeled in 1998 and was partially remodeled again in 2011. This beautiful home is located in McKinney's historic district just a block south of the old town square and beautifully restored county courthouse. Behind the main house is a large deck which overlooks the back yard and specially designed wedding gazebo. A bridal cottage sits on the south end of the back yard which is used by brides and bridesmaids to prepare for their occasions.

The Surrey House and surrounding gardens can accommodate parties of up to 150 guests. If an event, such as a reception, is to be held exclusively inside the Surrey House, the limit is 100 guests. Indoor seated weddings are limited to 100 guests.

Truly Delicious will cater onsite from the Surrey House and provides special package pricing for everything from mints and nuts to five course meals. For information and reservations call 972-727-0709.