After decades of fun and successful events, we have established the following alcoholic beverage policies to help insure a safe and positive environment at your wedding.


Champagne, wine, wine coolers and beer may be served at the Surrey House under these special provisions. Liquor and mixed drinks are not allowed at the Surrey House.


The contract to rent the Surrey House and Gardens is effectively a private rental agreement between the User (renter) and Truly Delicious Cakes and Catering. Since this event is a private occasion and not open to the general public, the User is allowed to serve the beverages allowed by the rental agreement. Truly Delicious Cakes and Catering does not have a license to serve alcohol in the City of McKinney or the State of Texas. In addition Truly Delicious Cakes and Catering is not insured in the event that harm comes to an individual as a result of an alcohol related accident. Therefore, Truly Delicious Cakes and Catering may not sell or supply alcohol at your event. When you choose to hold an event in a rented facility you are assuming liability for your guests and their behavior at that event. While there are rarely problems, following the rules and guidelines of the Surrey House contract will help you to maintain control at your event. However, these rules alone will not guarantee a safe environment. You must also exercise careful judgment in serving alcohol and in understanding and compensating for any special problems your guests may have.


Truly Delicious Cakes and Catering requires that the User hire one of our insured TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) certified bar servers to dispense and control alcoholic beverages from a single location at the event. Truly Delicious also requires that these substances be poured by the server into individual cups as opposed to providing bottles or cans. No hard liquor of any kind. No one, including the bridal party or grooms men, may bring in their private "stash". No driinking alcohol in the Bridal Cottage, the Groom's Changing Room, or Parking Lot. Please choose a bartender from our list below.


We have worked with several bartenders to offer a three hour service at our recommended rate of $175 - $250. Please call any of these bartenders for reservations and information: